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Yeshivat Darchei Yonatan

in Memory of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt"l

Combining Torah Learning
and an Academic Degree

Start the future on the right path, with Torah learning and academic studies towards an undergraduate degree from the Jerusalem College of Technology. At Yeshivat Darchei Yonatan, it’s the best of both worlds.


Our Vision

At Yeshivat Darchei Yonatan, our vision is to offer a combined yeshiva and academic program for students from abroad, released IDF volunteers, students entering Shana Bet or beyond, or any Yeshiva student considering Aliyah yet lacking the necessary educational and communal support network to do so.  

Our Ethos

Our Yeshiva provides a unique experience that blends traditional learning of Torah, Gemara, Halacha and Emunah with an academic degree in Computer Science or Business Administration from Jerusalem College of Technology. Our ethos stands on three pillars; pedagogic principles, religious principles, and ethical & emotional principles.

The Campus

Yeshivat Darchei Yonatan is situated in Efrat in Gush Etzion and provides full room and board for students. Twice a week, students attend academic classes at the Jerusalem College of Technology campus in Jerusalem. 

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Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (z”l)

Yeshivat Darchei Yonatan is named in memory of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (z”l), the former Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, eminent scholar, philosopher and author, with the permission and blessing of Rabbi Sacks’ Family.


Throughout his life and work, Rabbi Sacks (z”l) was a proponent of the philosophy of Torah v’Chockma, the importance of studying the Torah and Jewish traditional texts, as well as the universal disciplines of science and the humanities. The wealth of both streams of knowledge imparted by the Rav to all who listened to his shiurim or read his books serves as the “dugma ishit” of the values we strive towards at Yeshivat Darchei Yonatan.

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