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Yeshivat Darchei Yonatan is the first Yeshiva in Israel that combines Torah learning and undergraduate degree studies, in one program. Located in Efrat, the Yeshiva was established in memory of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (z”l), the former Chief Rabbi of the UK, theologian, philosopher, and proponent of Torah v’Chockhma: Torah and the universal wisdom of the sciences and humanities. Inspired by this value, our unique program provides an enriching framework in which Talmidim from all over the world can live the Torani lifestyle in Israel, learn in our communal Beit Midrash, and gain an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Business Administration from the Jerusalem College of Technology – all at the same time. 

Our Vision & Mission

For young religious Jews, the ‘gap year’ in Israel can be a life-changing experience that inspires a dream of continued Yeshiva learning or Aliyah. However, for many, there is pressure to return to their home country so as not to delay academic studies or alter the expected life path.
At Yeshivat Darchei Yonatan, our vision is to offer a combined Yeshiva and academic program for students from abroad, released IDF volunteers, students entering Shana Bet or beyond, or any Yeshiva student considering Aliyah yet lacking the necessary educational and communal support network to do so.


Our mission

  • Providing a high-quality Yeshiva program in the heart of Gush Etzion

  • Combining Yeshiva studies with an undergraduate degree from the Jerusalem College of Technology

  • Supporting students with a Yeshiva and academic framework from which to springboard to a fruitful Aliyah

  • Building a positive spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and religious learning experience for all students  


Our Ethos

Yeshivat Darchei Yonatan offers a unique Yeshiva experience that blends traditional learning of Torah, Gemara, Halacha and Emunah with an academic degree in Computer Science or Business Administration from the Jerusalem College of Technology.


Pedagogic principles

We stand in the belief that a life of Torah v’Avoda is the right path. Therefore, academic studies are an integral part of the Yeshiva program, enabling students to gain university credentials at the same time they are immersed in the Beit Midrash. Our weekly program combines 80% Yeshiva and 20% academic learning, including two afternoons of study towards an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Business Administration. The Yeshiva partners with the Jerusalem College of Technology for the academic part of the program. After three years of part time study, students are awarded a Bachelor’s degree from the Jerusalem College of Technology. Students who choose to return home at any stage may transfer the academic credits gained during the program to another undergraduate degree or college.


Religious principles

Inspired by the namesake of our Yeshiva, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (z”l), our program is based on the value of Torah v’Chockma espoused by the Rav in his life work and teachings. Torah learning and a religious lifestyle go hand in hand with the pursuit of universal wisdom in science and the humanities. Furthermore, an academic education is essential to the principle of Torah v’Avodah, of building a satisfying professional career and source of Parnasa, integrating fully in the modern world while maintaining a commitment to religious life, and becoming a productive member of broader Israeli society.


Ethical & emotional principles

Yeshivat Darchei Yonatan offers a supportive framework for Torah and academic learning, but also in terms of the social and emotional support necessary to ensure a positive, fruitful experience. Our Beit Midrash is a center of learning within the Efrat community, attended by locals who learn with our students. Students are integrated within the local Efrat community via supportive host families, and our pedagogic staff, both from the Yeshiva and Jerusalem College of Technology, are always ready to assist with necessary individual support.   

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